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Writing Prompt 01

So there is a page on reddit for writing prompts, I never took part in it before but this weekend that changed. I have been in a rut lately, not writing as much as I should in preparation for NaNo. i did a quick browser of the sub-reddit and found the post. It intrigued me, I haven’t ever actually writ anything that wasn’t part of an overall story. I gave it a shot, and below is my answer. The words came out easily, it was fun and relaxing writing it in comparison with my WIP. I may do a few more, and see how well I do.


Writing Prompts 01

Your dog has been possessed by a devil and is actively trying to kill you. Thankfully your cat has been taken over by an angel and is trying to stop him, you hope.


Nelle’s eyes were red, that was the first thing Eric saw as he walked into the living room. He turned away heading to the tv, it was just a trick of the light. Nelle would come and rest on his lap as soon as he sat down on the couch, turning the tv on he turned around and saw Nelle’s eyes was still red.

Perhaps it was from the light coming in through the window of the setting sun, the horizon through the window was very pink. He was to tired to think much further, grabbing the remote from the table he sat down on the couch and started flicking through the channels. Finding his favorite program, he watched the opening credits trying to shut down his mind from a long day of work.

“Hmmm, you’re a little on the puny side, not much meat and you don’t smell very appetizing,” said a voice.

Eric raise an eyebrow, the sound didn’t appear to match the opening credits. He must have been very tired, perhaps he had left his laptop on.

“Slow as well, can’t you tell I am here.”said the voice, again the words not matching  the opening credits.

That is definitely not coming from the tv. Eric thought, moving forward in his seat. His eyes widened, his body wasn’t responding. He had moved only a few inches, he tried to lift his hand that was holding the remote but was unable to.

“What is going on.” Eric said, the muscles in his mouth were not responding as he wanted.

“Ah you finally are responding, my name is Drinkold and I am here to eat you.” Drinkold said, his dog moving in front of his vision, eye still glowing red.”I am happy to make your acquaintance.”

“What, I must be dream.” Eric said, looking down on his pet.

“No you are not my young lad, I am the great Drinkolk and I have come for your soul.”Drinkold said, stopping just before him.

Eric’s felt his heart beating in his chest, it was getting harder to swallow, the hand that held the remote was starting to hurt. However even through all of that he knew now that he would die here, die alone in this apartment with nothing of worth to show. He had not accomplished anything, not epic accolades or triumphs.

His dog would kill him, he could see now that it was slightly bigger then before, more muscular.

“Why can’t I move?” Eric said, forcing out the words through his lips.

“The moment you looked into my eyes you were under my power, taken into my world. An animal is always less conspicuous, no one would suspect one of any malice. It was as your kind say child’s play for myself to possess it.”Drinold said. showing his sharp teeth.

“Are you the devil?”Eric asked, trying to look away but was unable to.

“Devil, no not anyone that powerful. I am just a wanderer, attracted to the scent of the aimless.  Would you perhaps be so kind as to taste nice, I understand this is a trying time for you humans but please be considerate of others.” Drinkold said, his nose a few inches away from his knee. His mouth trembled, eyes glowing in intensity. A moment later Drinkolds mouth opened up, however it opened much wider then the dog’s body should have allowed. ” I am so happy you are being compliant, some do like to fight at this stage.”

Eric could only stare into Drinkolds gaping mouth, looking at all the tendons, gums and serrated teeth. This was how he was going to die, useless and pathetic. Only good for food to a demon, what was the point of continuing, perhaps it was best to let it all go and accept his fate.

“Goodbye young lad, thank you for the meal.” Drinkold said, closing his mouth around his knee.

Eric gritted his teeth, feeling the his skin being pierced. Then the paid disappeared, Drinkold had vanished from before him in his place a silver feather.

“You will not harm the untainted, be vanquished.”said a female voice.

Eric watched as his cat jumped onto the carpet, he had no idea where from but she was coiled, ready to strike. Against the wall was Drinkold, shaking his head.

“Catsuep, you followed me here. Why must I be hounded by your kind, you angels take to much interest in human affairs.”Drinkold said.

“Demons will be hunted, your lack of empathy is your undoing.”Catsuep said.

Eric could only watch as his cat also talked, or more importantly his cat possessed by an angel. A A feather appeared on the floor, silver exactly like the one on his knee. A moment later his cat and dog met in the middle of his living room, swiping at each other with their paws. Each time they landed a paw he could feel the air vibrate, they stopped only to circle each other before attacking again.

Every time they paused another silver feather appeared on the floor, the silver stood out amongst the other colours of the room. More vibrant and wonderful, filled with untold potential. Eric eyed widened as Drinkold hit the back wall, causing one of his picture frames to rattle and fall to the floor. Whatever stopped him from moving before had now ceased, he let go off the remote control and touched his knee, where Drinkold had almost bit into him. The skin felt intact, only his clothes were ripped. However he was sure at least a few of Drinkolds teeth had pierced his skin, perhaps he was mistaken.

“Curse you Catsuep, you ruin everything.”Drinkold said, drawing his attention to the dog again.”I will not lose here, you will pay for your interference.”

Eric watched as the light dimmed around Drinkold, blackness swirled around him before it shot towards the window and through it into the neighbourhood. His possessed cat leaped up onto the windowsill, pressing her nose against the glass.

“He is quicker then I thought possible.”Catsuep said.

“How did that happen, what are you?”Eric said, standing up and keeping a careful eye on his former cat.

“That was the demon Drinkold of Manugasti, a troublesome fellow but fear not human for I was here.”Catsuep said, turning to face him.

“You possessed my cat, like he did to my dog?”Eric said, trying to see if there was any weapon insight in case Catsuep had the same appetite as Drinkold.

“Possessed? What no, this is merely my form. Did you think we all just went randomly possessing things, I have been with you since the day you rescued me from the cat sanctuary and for that you have my gratitude.”Catsuep said, licking her paw.”One more week in that place and even I would go crazy.”

“You mean you are an angel that has been living with me for years?”Eric said, he hadn’t ever known.

“Why yes, and thanks to that mangy demon I have been found out.”Catsuep said, Eric somehow knew she was smiling.”You’re alive still, I guess I arrived back home just in time to save you so it worked out for the best.”


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