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Travel and holidays

So I have caught the travel bug, I want to now go anywhere and everywhere. Settled on asia, specially the entirety of South East Asia. It is a vast tracts of land, one that has been explored already by many people. I will be walking in the footsteps of many others, seeing first hand on what they have already seen.

Travelling is such a strange thing for me, we leave our lives for a few days to weeks of bliss. Before the crushing realisation of returning home to our lives comes back. It is like a high you would get off a drug, the highs are high and the lows can be very low. 

I have always wondered wouldn’t it be better to have a small change to your daily routine, instead of going off on a holiday to Spain or Italy you could head down to your local beach for the day. These smaller breaks and getaways would not lead to such a low after returning, at least that is my general idea.

While our normal lives may be good in general, they provide a consistency. But this consistency can get very monotonous very quickly. 
But then I realised that for most of us it is for the escape, we crave it. Leaving our old lives behind and exploring something new. The experiences we will gain, from walking up the steps of the Notre Dame to clubbing at the Watergate in Berlin. Those experiences we will keep with us for a long time, they will enrich our lives. 
When we return home we will always linger on these memories, of sunshine and friends that were made. It refills our internal battery, so that we may continue our normal routine and wait our next foray into the wider world.
I have had these thoughts for a while now, but I believe finally I have a concrete understanding of what I want and how to achieve it. 

Next year we will go travelling, a start of a new adventure


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