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So I have been a book lover for the last few years, I have devoured books though to be honest I have gone through a few very long dry spells and not read anything. So then here is my review of Audible and the first book I listened to, Storm Front narrated by James Master.

I have heard of audio books, I even listened to one when I was in college for my course. But I just never made any effort beyond a cursory interest when Audible started getting big and everyone started to talk about it. I would see it frequently commented on social media, websites and forums in general.

Well, last week I created my account. Not because I finally decided to take the plunge due to interest in this new medium, but because there was a sale. Actually to be fair it was a deal, the first three months three of charge. Can’t get any better than that, I saw a post on reddit stating there was this deal on and I thought for a moment and jumped in.

So then initial set up confusions assaulted me, I couldn’t subscribe for the three month free trial. After a while of searching round the internet for a pathway to the deal, I bit the bullet and called Audible customer services and it was promptly sorted out.


Onto the book, and James Masters narration. As some of you know James Masters is Spike from Buffy, I went in being a little wary. I thought I would still hear Spike in his narration. I didn’t have to worry, James Masters was able to fully capture the various voices of the characters and not once did I remember he was Spike.

The quality of the audio was good, I didn’t have to flinch at any unwanted noise. Unfortunately outside noise like those on a train did affect me slightly, but that was sorted out by raising the volume and I was immediately back into Harry’s head.

The book itself was a good introduction to the setting, providing enough tantalising glimpses of the world beyond Harry Dresden’s little world.

Overall I would rate Audible a very solid 8/10. A very good app that may require some improvement but the app can still stand firmly on its own two feet.



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