The Foundry


Hello everybody and welcome to my blog.
My name is Ruhen Hoque, I am a writer hoping to get published very soon! Exciting I know! 🙂
This blog is for me to write down my thoughts on various subjects, write reviews for things. Bit most important of all, this blog is for my writing. I wish to use this as another avenue to help improve my writing skills, from general fiction writing to writing about things completely unrelated to it.
Perhaps a little bit more about myself is in order? I am 27 years old, and am an a hopeful future published author. Currently I have written for the past 1 year and 6 months, in that time I have written and complete two novels. Eye of the Law (130k) and Ascendance (95k). Have also completed Nano for the past two years, reached the 50k goal in good time. I have stared my third novel which is title Gods and Men which is at 50k, I started it at last year’s Nano. My main genre is in fantasy, I like daydreaming a lot so what better to help my mind then writing out my daydreams!
One of my goals this year is to reach three hundred thousand words, last year I did two hundred and third to two sixty thousand words. This year I know can beat it.
On to this blog, as above I have started it to help my writing. I have given myself a strict schedule that I need to follow, small weekly deadline will help keeping me writing something even when I am editing a past novel. Which means at least weekly updated for you all, from review of books and movies to my own general thoughts. Review for books and movies will be every two weeks, so each week you will get either a book or movie review which will be every Sunday night. This combined with my own random weekly updates will keep you dose up on my writing.

See a clearer picture of the schedule below.

Sundays Review for either a book or movie.

Wednesday – Writing post, will be anything in regards to writing. From my own progress to general thoughts I have on the subject.

Then around these two days there may be other updated from me, these could be in regards to some I am doing or if I just wanted to post something.
If you wish for me to go and write about anything in particular then please contact me via email or leave a comment in the section below.



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